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Nov 17. ICCH bulletin

posted Nov 16, 2013, 2:30 PM by Siteadmin Heidelberg   [ updated Nov 16, 2013, 2:34 PM ]

17November 2013
rd Sunday in Ordinary Time/year C Reading I: Malachi 3:19‐20a
Reading II: 2 Thessalonians 3:7‐12 Gospel: Luke 21:5‐19

Please join us on 1 December for fellowship and visiting. We will gather at the back of the church immediately after Mass. Please feel free to bring a side dish, snack, treat or cookies to share.

We are still looking for readers/Lectors & Eucharistic ministers for the December 29, 2013 & Jan. 5, 2014 Masses. With community members still traveling we may need to cancel Mass on these dates. Please let me know if you are around and can volunteer.

Confessions/reconciliation will be offered 15 December from 12:00‐12:45 pm.
We will try to offer confessions once a month.

Please like our NEW facebook page. It is called: International Catholic Community of Heidelberg Germany. Unfortunately, I locked myself out of the other ICCH page.

The ICCH choir invites all joyful singers each Sunday. Practice is at 12:00.

With many ICCH community members traveling unfortunately, we will not offer a Christmas Mass in English. Please refer to the attached list of German Masses.

If you wish to be added to our email list please send your contact information to:

here our masses during Christmas:
Tuesday, December 24
th : 16.00h (4 PM) ecumenical nativity play (very

nice for families and children!) in St. Michael

22.00h (10 PM) mass in St. Bonifatius

Wednesday, December 25th : 10.30 AM, mass in St. Michael 18.30h (6.30 PM) mass in St. Albert

Thursday, December 26th : 10.30 AM, mass in St. Bonifatius